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Flying Fox Conservation Fund is working towards opening a fruit bat rescue, rehabilitation, captive breeding, and research center on the island of Sulawesi. This center will be the first of it's kind in all of Indonesia. The facility will help the Sulawesi wildlife personnel place fruit bats rescued from markets for later release, the center will be used to educate local people about the beneficial role bats play in their everyday lives. Flying Fox Conservation Fund will start a captive breeding program for threatened and endangered fruit bats. Our goal is to save Old World fruit bat populations and their habitat with a nonconfrontational approach to reach solutions which benefits bats, peoples and ecosystems.

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Please support us in our efforts to save the Fruit Bats.
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Flying Fox Conservation Fund 3230 S. May Street Chicago, IL 60608 • USA
PHONE: 773-823-1466
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"The major reason for protecting fruit bats is that they are beautiful, gentle, intelligent living creatures that deserve to live."
Scott Heinrichs