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Flying Fox Conservation Fund's Live Animal Programs are educational based programs.
We provide a hands on approch to learning about animals that is both fun and safe.
Our objective is to educate people about conservation and the diverse and unique world of animals.
We bring the zoo to you! Both of our programs, "Beautiful Bats" and "Mammals and More", can be tailored to different age groups so everyone will have fun learning and personally experiencing the animals. 10% of your cost goes to conservation efforts!!!

New pricing start January 1, 2018 

Libraries, Park Districts, Schools
Mammals & More Programs $375.00 per program • Live Bat Program $275.00
(Discounts for multiple programs) 150 person limit

Birthday Parties
(Party for children under 9)
30 min. $200 City Limits • $225 Suburbs
60 min. $325 City Limits • $350 Suburbs

Sloth Encounter
60 min. (up to 10 people) $325 City Limits • $350 Suburbs
60 min. (11-25 people) $375 City Limits • $400 Suburbs

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Feeling left in the dark when it comes to bats?
You're not alone. Bats are one of the most beneficial and misunderstood of all animals. Our program is filled with information about where bats live, what they eat and the vital contribution they make to the ecosystem. We dispel old beliefs and superstition and explain why we need bats and why they need us. We bring along some of our fruits bats so everyone can experience their gentle nature up close and in person.

mammals and more


We bring the zoo to you! Learn about some of the most unique creatures from around the world. There is something for everyone. Choose from a selection of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects. Say hello to a slow-moving sloth, feel the fur of a fox, or pet a pancake is up to you!

Animals: Sloth, Bat-Eared Fox, Armadillo, Kinkajou, Civet, Fruit Bat, Chinchilla, Ferret, Crested Gecko, Boa Constrictor, Tree Frog, Pancake Tortoise, Tarantula, Hissing Roaches, Walking Sticks, Solomon Island Parrot, Lion Head Rabbit


The sloth encounter is where you can experience feeding and petting Steve the sloth as well as learning about their habits, they way they move in the trees and on the ground.

Who is it For?
Our outreach presentations have become popular for almost any occasion. We have delighted audiences at School Programs, Park Distrists, Corparate Parties, Pinics, Summer Camps, Block Parties, Birthday Parties, Llibraries and Retirement Homes. We have conducted weekly after school programs for Chicago University Lab School. Our programs are designed for childern and adults to get a more detailed understanding about animal life, behaviour, and conservation through discussion and interaction with the animals.

Who is the staff ?
Our staff members have aquired their years of experience from places as Linclon Park Zoo and conservation projects from around the world.

Flying Fox Conservation Fund founder and director Scott Heinrichs has worked more than fifteen years on the Sulawesi fruit bat conservation project which is dedicated to aiding endangered fruit bats of Indonesia. He has been written about by the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribrune, Chicago Tribune Magazine, , Chicago Parent Magazine, and Audubon magazine and has also written articles for BATS magazine.

Our Pledge
We do not advocate animal tricks or acts of any sort, nor do we alter our animals in any way. We do not declaw, defang, or sedate any of our animals. All of our animals are housed and handled in a manner which is respectable to their mental and physical well being; as a result they enjoy the company of people and can be petted. It is our pledge to you that Flying Fox Conservation Fund's Animal Programs are both fun and educational, as well as promoting ethical treatment of animals. A portion of your proceeds will go towards animal conservation efforts world wide.